Durfort is a thousand-year-old village in the Cévennes.

In the heart of the charming village of Durfort, surrounded by vineyards, emerges a large square tower pierced with loopholes which are the last traces of the Château de Durfort.
village des Cévennes et ses maisons en pierre Le Portel des Arnaud chambres d hotes Cévennes

A village in the Cévennes with its stone houses

During your walk, the village of Durfort reveals its rustic houses and old Cévennes stone residences full of character.
It is good to stroll around the former site of the Rouquette mills located behind the village's Rue du Petit Paris. Discover also the ruins of the Romanesque churches and the castle of Vibrac built in the 15th century around a beautiful 13th century crenellated keep.
The village of Durfort is a "Circulade", a term which designates a type of medieval village identified on the territory of Languedoc-Roussillon, whose very regular structure is based on the shape of a circle.
Le village de Durfort et la préhistoire e Portel des Arnaud- chambres-d'hotes- Gard -sud -de -la -France

The village of Durfort and prehistory

At the entrance to Durfort, the complete skeleton of the first European elephant, ten times older than the famous mammoths, the southern elephant, was found in the last century. It has since been exhibited in Paris. Thanks to this discovery, the people of Durfort have acquired free admission for life to the National Museum of Natural History! For prehistorians, the Durfort cave has provided valuable information, exhibited in the Nîmes museum, about the Chalcolithic period (2500 and 2000 BC).